Fix Ring Camera Not Recording Issue

Ring security cameras provide a great indoor and outdoor security solution, and there are many options that you can choose from. However, some users complain about the Ring camera not recording motion issues. Ring cameras can protect your home from intruders as they come equipped with 1080p HD video, motion alerts, two-way audio, Alexa voice assistant, and many other features.

We will discuss why my Ring camera is not recording and solutions to address this issue. Usually, people complain about the Ring camera not recording motion at night because motion detection cannot perform optimally at night.

How Ring Camera’s Motion Detection Works

Ring cameras use image sensors, passive infrared (PIR) sensors, and video analytics algorithms for motion detection. They analyse consecutive frames for changes indicating motion, considering object size and speed. You can define motion zones and adjust sensitivity settings. When the motion is detected, it is recorded as video footage or sends real-time alerts to the Ring app.

A Trouble Brewed By Wifi

Imagine you’ve set up your Ring camera to keep a watchful eye on your front porch. One evening, you receive a notification on your smartphone – a motion event has been detected. You quickly open the Ring app, only to be met with frustration. Instead of capturing a clear video of the motion, you see choppy footage that barely shows the event. What went wrong?

The culprit here is a weak Wi-Fi connection.

Other Possible Reasons

A weak WiFi is not the only culprit for the Ring camera not recording motion issues. There are other reasons too that contribute to the problem.

Incorrect Camera Settings or Modes

If there’s a disparity of motion detection settings between your Ring camera, and the Ring app, it hinders the camera’s performance. If the motion detection sensitivity is too low or too high, the camera might miss relevant events or trigger false alarms, respectively. Similarly, using the wrong recording mode could lead to missed opportunities for recording crucial incidents.

Motion Sensitivity Settings

If the motion detection sensitivity of the Ring camera is too low or too high, you will face issues. In case of low sensitivity, the camera might miss relevant events, and in case of high sensitivity, Ring cameras trigger false alarms. It’s always better to adjust motion detection settings in the Ring app.

Motion Zone Settings

If you don’t configure the Motion Zone setting correctly, it causes the Ring camera to miss recording important events. If the Motion Zones are not correctly set up, the camera might not trigger recordings when movement occurs in areas that should be monitored, resulting in incomplete event capture. You can always adjust the Motion Zone in the Ring app.

Firmware Updates

Ring regularly releases firmware updates to remove bugs and malware and enhance Ring devices’ performance, as outdated firmware leads to compatibility issues and impacts the camera’s performance. It’s important to regularly update the camera’s firmware and software to ensure optimal functionality.

Let’s Fix Ring Camera Not Recording Motion Issue

If you are also facing the issue, especially Ring cameras not recording motion at night, there are some fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

Ensure Recording Is Enabled

If you are subscribed to any of the Ring Protect Plans, your Ring camera records the clips from 15 seconds to 120 seconds. These recording clips are uploaded to the cloud and can be viewed easily. 

If the Recording is disabled, you will face a Ring camera not recording issue. Therefore, you must enable the feature. 

  1. Launch the Ring app.
  2. Navigate to your camera’s timeline.
  3. In the top right corner, tap the gear symbol.
  4. Turn on the “Record Motion” option.
  5. Then go ahead and put your Ring camera to test.

Check WiFi Connectivity

A stable Wi-Fi connection is necessary for the Ring camera to record motion. You can take the WiFi speed test or check the Wi-Fi signal strength indicator within the Ring app. If you notice a weak signal, it could be a reason for the motion recording issue you’re experiencing.

For a better WiFi speed, you can use Wi-Fi range extenders, set up a mesh Wi-Fi system, or add additional access points to place around your home. It helps to create a stronger Wi-Fi network that benefits your Ring camera’s performance.

Increase The Motion Detection Zone Area

To enhance your Ring camera’s motion recording accuracy, adjust the motion detection zones for specific areas you want to monitor. Ring cameras will focus on particular areas and help to avoid unnecessary alerts or recordings in areas of low concern. By adjusting motion zones, you can prevent the issue of the Ring camera not recording motion at night.

Check Power Supply

Check your Ring camera’s power source by confirming that it’s powered or has a charged battery. If you use a wired Ring camera, check if the power supply is connected. If you have a battery-powered or solar-powered Ring camera, check that the battery is charged enough.

Check for Interference

Motion detection of any smart gadget doesn’t like obstructions. So, always place your Ring camera away from potential sources of interference and physical obstacles. Remember that objects such as walls or electronic devices hinder the Ring camera’s ability to detect motion accurately. It is the very reason people use Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro because they cannot hear the chime. So, the recording issue shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Update Firmware and Ring App

As mentioned above, Ring regularly releases firmware updates to fix bugs and enhance features and capability. Therefore, check for firmware updates inside the Ring app and install it whenever an update is available. Additionally, ensure you’re using your device’s latest version of the Ring app. Staying up-to-date with camera firmware and app versions helps ensure compatibility and optimize functionality.

Contact Customer Support

If you’ve exhausted all available troubleshooting options and the motion recording issue persists, contact Ring’s customer support. It is possible that you have recently bought the Ring camera, and it’s a faulty device. If your device falls within the warranty period, you can always ask them to replace the defective unit.

Factory Reset (as a last resort)

If nothing works, consider a factory reset on your Ring camera as a final troubleshooting step. Remember that this action will erase all settings and data linked to the Ring camera. Once the Ring camera is reset, you must set up the Ring camera all over again. So, this step should only be taken with other solutions when you face the Ring camera not recording motion issues. Be sure to back up any important data before proceeding and explore this option cautiously.

Why Does My Ring Camera Not Record Everything

Ring camera might not record everything due to improperly configured motion detection settings, weak Wi-Fi connectivity, inadequate power supply, outdated firmware or app versions, poor camera placement, interference, or subscription-related issues.

How To Factory Reset Ring Camera

To factory reset a Ring camera, locate the reset button on the device, press and hold it for about 15-20 seconds, and then release it. Wait for the camera to reboot. After the reset, you’ll need to set up the camera again from scratch, including connecting to Wi-Fi and configuring preferences. Remember that a factory reset erases all settings and data associated with the Ring camera.


Ring security cameras offer features like HD video, motion alerts, and two-way audio. However, issues with motion recording can occur due to weak Wi-Fi, incorrect settings, or outdated firmware. You can adjust motion settings, ensure strong Wi-Fi, and update firmware to troubleshoot. 

As discussed, effective motion recording on Ring cameras depends on proper settings and strong Wi-Fi. When you adjust motion detection and motion sensitivity levels, it always shows results. Never forget to update firmware regularly. You can consider a factory reset after backing up data as a last resort.

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