Does Blink Record 24/7 For Your Security?

Security is a significant concern for homeowners, and choosing the right security camera is just the first step. When it comes to Blink cameras, a common question that arises is: does Blink record 24/7? Many people want their camera to record round the clock, so even, if they are away, they can see what’s happening at the front porch.

Another query that users have whether Blink cameras can continuously record? No becuae Blink cameras are designed to be energy-efficient and to optimize the battery life, and thus, they operate on a motion-detection basis. This means Blink continuous recording doesn’t work, but rather to capture clips based on detected movements or activity.

All the doorbells and cameras when compared provide different features. Brands like Arlo, Google Nest, Eufy, and Ring cameras are capable of continuous recording but do Blink cameras record 24/ 7? No, however there’s more to that then what meets the eye.

Recording Limitations

Sadly, the Blink continuous recording is not possible. Instead, they are designed to record when motion is detected. The system can be armed for motion detection for any desired duration. The length of motion clips can be set between 5 and 60 seconds. 

Mini cameras record clips up to 30 seconds. Similarly, if the camera stops detecting motion, the clip ends before the full clip length is reached. You can adjust the recording length using the Blink app in the Video and Photo Settings tab.

Storage Capacity

Blink’s server provides storage for each Sync Module up to 7200 seconds free cloud storage per Sync Module, or 1,440 five-second events. There is no expiration for this storage. However, once the storage limit is reached, the oldest clip are deleted to accommodate the new one.

The videos are stored temporarily for 60 days, and once the period is completed, the video is deleted. So, if you are wondering does blink record 24/7, the reality is otherwise.

Local Storage

Even when recording with the sync box for local storage, the Blink security system only records upon motion detection. Currently, there is no feature for continuous recording with the Blink mini camera or any other Blink model.

Only clips triggered by motion or manually saved clips will be stored. However, Blink Basic Plan and Blink Basic Plus provide 90 minutes Live-View streaming.

If you want features like Live view streaming, Motion detection video recording, Live view recording, Photo capture, you will need a Blink subscription. If you are wondering how much are blink subscription plans? Blink Basic plan starts at $3 per month and Blink Plus plan starts at $10 per month. If you opt for an annual Blink Plus plan, you can save up to 20%.

The difference between Blink Plus and Blink Basic is that Blink Plus provides access to premium features for all Blink cameras, Custom Snooze option, 10% off Blink devices on, and extended warranty coverage whereas Blink Basic is limited to one device. 

Once you are subscribed to any of the plan, you can see the live streaming for upto 90-minutes but also save recording clips. Sometimes you are intrigued by do Blink cameras record? When you are viewing the live view streaming on the Blink home app, you can click on the record button, and it will save the clip to pre-set record time.

You can also ensure that by checking on the blue LED on the Blink camera. Just like all the doorbells and cameras require WiFi, so they all require subscriptions for premium features.

No, Blink cameras do not record 24/7. While you can leave the system armed for motion detection at any time, the cameras only record short video clips ranging from 10 to 60 seconds when motion is detected. Even when plugged into a power source using a micro USB, Blink cameras are not designed for continuous recording due to their battery-conserving design.

The Blink cameras are optimized for event-based recording to extend battery life and manage storage efficiently. Each Sync Module can store up to 7,200 seconds of video, and the system automatically deletes the oldest clip once storage capacity is reached. So, do Blink cameras record all the time? No, they don’t.

Blink cameras are designed primarily for optimized battery life and are intended to capture short snippets of video based on motion detection rather than Blink continuous recording. The design of these cameras focuses on wireless convenience, making them ideal for intermittent use to monitor specific areas around your home.

Unfortunately, Blink cameras, except for the Blink Mini, are not capable of continuous recording, even if connected to a constant power supply. The motion-based recording system is a core feature, allowing the cameras to conserve battery life and reduce data storage needs. For users disappointed by the Blink continuous recording not being available, you can explore other camera options like Eufy vs Ring Doorbell.


Blink cameras serve as a functional choice for security. However, if you are thinking does Blink record 24/7? The answer is no. However, they give the option to manually record live views, coupled with motion-triggered clips so that significant events are not missed.

Blink’s subscription plans further enhance its usability without Blink camera 24/7 recording, as it offers extended features such as live view streaming and added storage. These additional features, along with effective motion detection and manual recording capabilities, despite the absence of Blink camera 24/7 recording.

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