Don’t Panic! Here’s How To Fix An Arlo Camera Blinking Orange

If you use an Arlo security camera, you must have seen an LED on the front, and it has a purpose. It flashes different colors that indicate different functions. LED blinking solid blue is surely different from the Arlo camera orange light. Why is that so? What to do if your Arlo camera blinking orange?

Why Is My Arlo Camera Blinking Orange

Arlo camera blinking orange light indicates that Arlo camera is not synchronized to Arlo Base Station. It also means the battery is depleted or it is not connected to the internet.

There are many Arlo cameras like Arlo Essential models and Arlo video doorbells, and you will see almost the same reason when your Arlo camera flashes orange light.

Arlo cameras use three LED indicators: blue, purple, and amber. As the amber color is between yellow and orange, everyone also calls amber as orange.

The following table shows what it means when the Arlo camera blinks orange.

Camera ModelAmber LED PatternsFunction Indicated
Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3, Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, and Pro 4Slow blinking amberConnection error during pairing or low battery
Fast blinking amberSync failure with SmartHub/Base Station or Wi-Fi
Alternating blue and amberFirmware update in progress (do not turn off)
Arlo Pro 5SBlinking amberOut of range, pairing error, or low battery
Blinks amber four times then stopsSlow blinking with the shutter closed
Alternating blue and amberFirmware update in progress (do not turn off)
Arlo Go 2Solid amberNo activated SIM card in LTE mode
Single blink every 60 seconds or double blinking amber every 60 secondsLow battery charge or critical level
Fast blinking amberNo connection to Wi-Fi or LTE network
Alternating blue and amberFirmware update in progress (do not turn off)
Arlo Essential Indoor CameraSolid amberInternet connectivity error
Slow blinking amberSetup error or Wi-Fi network connection failure
Slow blinking with shutter closedCamera is offline
Alternating blue and amberFirmware update in progress (do not turn off)
Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro, Arlo Essential, and Arlo Wire-FreeSlow blinking amberLow battery
Fast blinking amberSync failure with SmartHub/Base Station
Alternating blue and amberFirmware update in progress (do not turn off)
Arlo camera orange light flashing

Arlo Camera Blinking Orange: Troubleshooting

If your Arlo camera flashing orange light, it means the battery is low, the Arlo camera is not synchronized, and your Arlo camera and Arlo Base Station or SmartHub are not able to connect.

1. Battery Issues

The battery-powered Arlo cameras last for 3-6 months. The exceptions are there, however. You may not know when your Arlo camera starts to behave irrationally, sometimes due to external factors like extreme heat or cold. As per Arlo, batteries of Arlo cameras cannot charge safely in temperatures below 32°F or above 113°F. Sometimes, physical damage to the device can also cause problems.

To check your Arlo camera’s battery level, open the Arlo Secure App first and tap on the “Devices” section. The battery level is displayed at the bottom of the device card. You can also find the battery level on the Device Settings screen. It’s important to note that the battery icon will be hidden if your Arlo camera is offline. Arlo also sends a low battery notification when the Arlo camera battery drops to 15%.

If the Arlo camera battery low is your issue, you can charge using a USB charging cable to charge your camera indoors, or you can use a VMA3600 Solar Panel to charge your camera outdoors. Here’s how you can charge if you have an Arlo Essential camera.

How To Charge Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

  1. Remove your Essential wire-free camera from the mount. (You don’t need to unscrew the mount from the wall).
  2. Bring the camera indoors.
  3. Pull the flap at the bottom of the camera to reveal the USB charging port.
  4. Plug the USB charging cable into the camera.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Arlo Camera Battery?

Battery charging duration varies based on charger quality and battery size. If you use an Arlo USB cable, your battery will charge faster. Similarly, the battery size also matters as the Arlo camera XL battery is larger and will take longer.

Ensure the battery is fully charged, indicated by a solid blue light, or check the Arlo Secure App for confirmation. If you have multiple Arlo cameras, you can buy an Arlo Dual Charging Station to charge two rechargeable batteries in one go.

Arlo camera blinks orange light.

2. Arlo Camera Not Pairing

If you see a slow blinking amber light, you also have an Arlo camera pairing issue. It is the very Arlo camera icon sun that indicates the same message. You can follow the detailed instructions to resolve the Arlo camera not pairing issue. If your Arlo camera is not connecting to WiFi, make sure that you are using a 2.4 GHz WiFi network so that the Arlo camera is paired easily with the Arlo Base Station.

3. Sync Failure with SmartHub/Base Station

If your Arlo camera won’t sync with the SmartHub or Base Station, you should check that the Base Station is up and running. If your Arlo camera is not charging, you will also face sync failure with the Arlo Base Station. Charge the battery and try synchronizing with the Base Station to resolve the Arlo camera orange light issue.

If the Arlo camera cannot sync with the SmartHun or Base Station, your Arlo camera will also not record if you don’t have a cloud subscription.

4. Firmware Update In progress

Sometimes, the Arlo camera orange light is also due to the firmware update. In that case, the orange (or amber) and blue light alternate. Don’t turn off your Arlo camera if you see such a pattern. 

If the Arlo camera blinks orange when charging, it could, at the start, indicate the battery is critically low. This is particularly true with the Arlo Go model.


The LED indicators on your security camera show different functions and scenarios. The Arlo camera blinking orange signifies various issues, including a lack of synchronization with the Arlo Base Station, low battery levels, or internet connectivity problems. This uniformity in LED patterns across different Arlo camera models simplifies troubleshooting.

When faced with an Arlo camera blinking orange, check the battery status and ensure it’s adequately charged. Arlo cameras typically last 3-6 months on a single charge, but extreme temperatures or physical damage can affect this. 

Similarly, if the Arlo camera is not pairing, or if the Arlo camera can’t synchronize with the Arlo Base Station, and the firmware update is in progress, you will see that the Arlo camera blinks orange. There’s no need to panic; addressing the fundamentals can easily resolve the issue.

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