Ring Motion Alerts Vs Motion Warning: Explained

Although things may look the same on the surface, there’s always a difference when you look at them closely. Try recalling the concept of real depth and apparent depth taught by your Physics teacher. You may have liked or not liked Physics back then, but you will love the physics of Ring motion alerts vs Motion Warning comparison.

We will discuss what a Ring Motion alert is and what is Motion Warning on a Ring device. Also, how you can enable the Ring Motion feature on your Ring devices.

What Are Ring Motion Alerts

Ring motion alerts inform homeowners about activity in and around their properties. It relies on motion sensors to detect movement within their range and send real-time notifications to the Ring App.

The Ring motion alert includes information such as the time of the detected motion, the specific Ring device that triggered the alert, and often a snapshot or a short video clip of the detected activity.

The short video clip comes with a Ring Protect subscription plan.

Ring Protect subscription plan also allows you to customize the notifications. It allows the ability to adjust sensitivity levels, define motion zones, and even schedule active alerts. This customization helps reduce the likelihood of receiving unnecessary or false alerts.

What Is Motion Warning on Ring

Ring devices have a function called Motion Warning that alerts visitors about being recorded. Once activated, the following message will play: “Hi, you are currently being recorded.”

Motion Warning on Ring devices gives an early heads-up about movement within specific zones, which can be particularly useful for monitoring a front porch, driveway, or backyard. This feature is helpful as it adds an extra layer of security by clearly indicating to strangers that their presence is being recorded.

Motion Warning Compatible Devices

You can check the following list if you are considering which Ring device supports the Ring Motion Warning feature.

Stick Up Cam EliteStick Up Cam Plug In (3rd Gen)
Indoor CamSpotlight Cam Wired
Spotlight Cam MountFloodlight Cam
Floodlight Cam Wired ProFloodlight Cam Wired Plus
Ring Video Doorbell ProStick Up Cam Plug-In (3rd Gen)
Ring Video Doorbell Elite

How To Turn On Ring Motion Warning

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap Devices and select the device you want to turn on Motion Warning.
  3. A device dashboard screen will open.
  4. Turn on Motion Warning in the upper-right corner. Once it is enabled, you will receive a notification.
  5. If you wish to disable the feature again, you can do so via the Device Dashboard.
Ring motion warning

You must define a Motion Zone before setting up a Motion Warning. After all, a Ring Motion Warning will work only if it has a specific motion zone for detection to send Motion alerts. Also, the volume of Motion Warning is fixed. You cannot increase or decrease the volume.

If you don’t want to use the Ring Motion Warning feature, you can alert visitors using these catchy stickers.

These don’t Ring Doorbell sign or stickers are handy when it comes to informing someone about being recorded. You can use these don’t Ring Doorbell sign or stickers on the front porch of your home.

Ring Motion Alerts vs Motion Warning: Differences

It all comes down to basics. Through a comparison table, you will better understand the difference between Ring Motion alerts vs Motion Warning.

FeatureRing Motion AlertsRing Motion Warnings
FunctionSends real-time notifications to the Ring app after detecting motion.It gives an audible alert to the visitor when motion is detected within a defined Motion Zone.
Notification TimingReactive: Alerts are sent after motion is detected.Proactive: Alerts are triggered as motion enters a predefined zone.
PurposeNotifies homeowners of detected motion events.Provides an early warning to prevent or address potential intrusions.
CustomizationAdjustable sensitivity, motion zones, and schedules.Defines specific zones where motion warnings should be triggered.
Use CasesGeneral motion detection for various scenarios.Focused on predefined areas to prevent trespassing or monitor specific zones.
ExamplesPackage deliveries and general security notifications.Package deliveries general security notifications.
Added LayerEnhances security and awareness of events.Adds a proactive dimension to home security measures.
Ring Motion Alerts vs Motion Warning

Use Cases Of Ring Motion Alerts

There is nothing without any use. The things that we take for granted are the things that are more valuable and useful. Some of the use cases mentioned below should surprise you.

Package Delivery Verification

If you’re at work and you’re expecting an important package. The Ring Motion Alert triggers as the delivery person approaches your porch. You receive a notification on the smartphone and access the live feed. You can see the delivery being made.

Deterrence and Response

If you’re on vacation and your home is temporarily vacant. You can use Ring Motion Alerts combined with Ring Floodlight Cam to create the illusion of an occupied home. If motion is detected, your outdoor lights could automatically turn on, giving the impression that someone is present. Additionally, Ring Floodlight Cam comes with a 110 dB security siren, ensuring your safety.

Monitoring Pets

If you have pets at home and are curious to see what they’re up to during the day. With Ring Motion Alerts set up indoors, you can receive notifications whenever your pets move around. You can quickly check on them, even when not physically present.

Customizable Sensitivity

If your home faces a busy street, you don’t want to be constantly notified about passing cars and other moving objects. You can customize the Ring Motion Alerts to human movement but less sensitive to smaller objects like cars or animals. Ring calls this feature an Advance Detection Motion

Use Case of Ring Motion Warning

As established, Ring Motion Warning is entirely different from the regular Motion Detection feature. There are some interesting use cases of the Ring Motion Warning feature.

Driveway Monitoring

If you live in a suburban neighborhood with occasional foot traffic near your driveway. You can set up a Ring Motion Warning zone covering your driveway entrance. Every time someone tries to get closer, you’ll receive a Motion Detection notification, and the intruder will hear an audible alert about being recorded. 

Backyard Protection

If your backyard contains valuable equipment and tools. You can protect them by setting up a Motion Zone around the backyard. When Ring Motion Warning is set up, you’re notified when someone gets nearby. Make sure to set up your Ring device and Ring App on the same WiFi.

Alerting the Visitor

The Ring Motion Warning feature ensures security if you are out shopping grocery or at home.  You can turn on a Ring Motion Warning near your front door. As soon as someone approaches, he/she will be informed about being recorded. It’s relatively better compared to the Ring video recording feature. As with the recording feature, you face issues sometimes, and you need to reset your Ring camera.


The comparison between Ring Motion Alerts vs Motion Warning goes beyond surface-level similarities. Although both features look the same on the surface, the case is otherwise. Ring Motion Alerts are set by default for your Ring device. You may need to set the Ring Motion Warning feature if you need to.

Ring Motion Alerts provide real-time insights into detected motion events, allowing for swift reactions and customized monitoring. In contrast, Ring Motion Warnings add a proactive element, audibly signaling the presence of motion within designated zones. This serves as both a notice to visitors.

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