Learn To Fix Quickly Ring Doorbell Streaming Error

We all stream and consume media in one way or another. No matter what type of videos we watch, if there’s a streaming error, the experience is always annoying. One can compromise the streaming error when watching Netflix or Apple TV, but one shouldn’t compromise the Ring Doorbell streaming error. 

The streaming error in both cases is due to your internet connection. Is there any other reason, too? Let’s discuss the reasons briefly and fixes if your Ring Doorbell LiveView not working.

What Causes Ring Doorbell Streaming Error

There are many reasons that can cause the issue. Some of them are related to your WiFi connection, the Ring App, and whether or not the firmware of your Ring device is updated. Let’s discuss this briefly.

Good RSSI for Ring Doorbell

The signal strength (RSSI) should be between 40 and 50 is considered the best RSSI for a Ring Doorbell to work great. If it goes above 60, there might be some issues, and things can get pretty bad once it’s over 65.

Most of the Ring Doorbells work great with 2.4 GHz WiFi, with some Ring Devices working with 5 GHz. If you still face issues, consider buying the best extender for Ring camera.

WiFi Interference

If your videos are blurry or slow to load, it could be due to a weak WiFi signal. Check if your router provides sufficient upload speed for your Ring device. Confirm that the WiFi signal is strong near your device. Ring devices work best with a strong and steady WiFi connection, but interference can disrupt the signal.

Make sure that your WiFi router is not far away. Alternatively, you can use Ring Chime Pro as a WiFi extender. Also, the WiFi router should not be covered or inside the box. Don’t forget to keep your WiFi router in the open place as there’s less signal distraction.

Types Of Ring Doorbell Streaming Error

If your Ring not showing video, there are two errors you can see: Activating Device and Streaming Error. If you see any of the issues on the Ring App, it means your Ring Doorbell LiveView not working.

Activating Device Error

If you see the Ring Doorbell Activating Device error, check the RSSI of your Ring device in the Device Health section of the Ring app. If many devices use your home Wi-Fi, it could slow your smartphone’s Live View connection. You can reboot your router to clear up any network conflicts or inefficiencies.

Streaming Error

If you see the streaming error on the Ring app, it means your Ring Doorbell LiveView not working. The reasons are the same just like activating error. In both cases, ensure that the Ring app is up to date, and the Ring device’s firmware is also up to date. Let’s discuss the quick fixes.

Ring doorbell streaming error 1

How To Fix Streaming Error On Ring Doorbell

To fix the Ring Doorbell streaming error, ensure your Wi-Fi connection is stable and strong. Check the Ring app to confirm your doorbell has a good signal. Then, restart your doorbell by pressing the setup button for 20 seconds. Additionally, restart your router to clear any connectivity issues. 

If the issue persists, try the following.

Power Cycle The Device

If the Ring not showing video, power off the device, take out the battery, and disconnect the wires from the back, for a complete 60 seconds. Afterward, power the device back on. Additionally, perform a power cycle on your router by turning it off and waiting for 60 seconds before turning it back on. These steps should resolve the Ring Doorbell streaming issue.

Additional Tips

Additional Tips to Resolve Ring Doorbell Streaming Error
1. Remove the Ring Doorbell app from your phone.
2. Restart your phone.
3. Reinstall the Ring Doorbell app and log in.
4. Attempt to load both history video and live video.

If Nothing Works

There’s always a dead end after which there’s no turning back but to pull the plug. If nothing works, you can reset the Ring device. To perform a factory reset, hold the setup button for 20 seconds. Afterward, set up the device as if it were new. If the problem persists, contact Ring community support and inform them that you’ve tried these troubleshooting steps.

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