Ring Doorbell Keeps Ringing? Here’s How to Stop It

Imagine you’re relaxing at home. Suddenly, you hear the Chime of your Ring doorbell. You are expecting a visitor or a delivery person, but there’s no one. This situation can be frustrating, and it’s a problem that many Ring doorbell owners encounter. You’re not alone if you are also in a situation where your Ring doorbell keeps ringing without a clear cause. I will discuss the common reasons behind this issue and provide practical solutions if your Ring Doorbell keeps ringing on its own.

Why Ring Doorbell keeps ringing

If your Ring Doorbell keeps ringing, the push button is stuck. Similarly, if you have a wired Ring Doorbell, the problem is with wiring and voltage. 

There are other reasons, too, and I discuss some of them below.

Motion Sensitivity and Zone Settings

If the motion settings are too sensitive, the Ring Doorbell keeps ringing randomly at the slightest hint of motion. Movements like passing cars, pets, or changing lighting conditions can trigger ringing.

Motion Zone is another factor. If your Ring Doorbell is installed on the front door, and if traffic passes by closely, each movement may come within the Motion Zone. You can minimize the Motion Zone area to overcome the issue.

Wiring and Chime Issues

Wiring issues can cause a wired Ring Doorbell keeps ringing as loose, damaged, or poorly connected wires can create poor electrical contact, leading to false chime ringing when it shouldn’t.
Whether you use mechanical or digital Chime, there’s a Chime Kit Compatibility list by the Ring. Sometimes, wrong configuration or not selecting the right Chime in the Ring app causes such issues.

How To Fix A Ring Doorbell That Keeps Ringing

Please check if the doorbell’s button is not damaged or if debris is gathered. Moreover, the Ring Doorbell and Chime kit should be compatible. You can also face an issue if the wires are too thin or not correctly attached to the terminal.

There’s no spiritual meaning of doorbell ringing and no one there. It is because of minor technical issues unless you look for the biblical meaning of doorbell ringing in dream, which we should leave to some spiritual leader.

Let’s talk about how to resolve the issue.

Check for Damage or Debris

If your digital Chime is ringing on its own, ensure it’s on the list of chimes that work with your Ring doorbell. If you hear unexpected sounds from your Ring doorbell in the app, check around the doorbell button for any damage or things like dirt or objects that might be causing it to ring by itself. You can remove the dust around the button using any cotton swab or soft cloth.

Hardwired Ring Doorbells

If you have hardwired Ring doorbells, check if the wires are connected to the right terminals. To resolve the issue, you can remove and re-attach the wires to the terminals. You should also use standard gauge wires and never use thin wires.

The Ring Video Doorbell works with 8-24 volt AC door chimes. The Ring Doorbell does not work with wireless door chimes or DC transformers.

No Need of Diode For Mechanical Chime Kit

If your Ring Doorbell is connected to the mechanical chime kit, it’s important to note that the ring diode should not be attached to it. Once the diode is removed, the issue of an unexpected ring will be resolved. Keep in mind that for mechanical chime kits, there is no need to have a diode installed.

Similarly, if the chime kit is sounding on its own, it may be due to the touching or shorted wires, whether at the chime kit or the door. Make sure to check that the wires are not touching or short and you are using a standard gauge wire.

Adjust Motion Sensitivity and Zone

Motion Sensitivity and Motion Zone should be adjusted accordingly. If your Motion Sensitivity is too high, you will start receiving notifications on the Ring app besides hearing a chime ringing. Also, you can adjust the Motion Zone so that the area to detect objects is close to your door.

Ring doorbell keeps ringing

Check the Power Source

If you have a battery-powered Ring Doorbell, its battery should be charged enough. You must have observed a smartphone acting irrationally if the battery is insufficient. Ring Doorbell, being a smart gadget, is no different. The power supply should be stable if you have a hardwired Ring Doorbell. 

If you use a mechanical chime, you know it needs a wire connection to function, as it carries the electrical signal that activates the Chime when someone presses the doorbell button. Sometimes, there’s an issue with wiring regarding loose wires, touching wires, and poor-standard wires, which you can address.

Upgrade The Chime

If you are using decades-old mechanical chimes and rely on traditional ding-dong sounds, it’s time to upgrade. Just as Motion Alerts makes it easy to check who’s on the door, so does Ring Chime or Chime Pro, which makes it easier to set up and hear a ring, as they require a plug-in to a power outlet. Also, you have the option to choose from multiple pre-built digital sounds.

Update The Firmware

One of the reasons Ring Doorbell randomly rings at night is the outdated firmware of your device. Ring regularly releases firmware updates to fix bugs and performance issues. You can always check if the firmware update is latest and keep the auto-updates on.


If your Ring Doorbell keeps ringing by itself, the first issue is always with the Chime. If you have a hardwired Ring Doorbell with a mechanical chime, select the related Chime in the Ring app to avoid the issue. If you have a mechanical chime and select a digital one in the Ring app, your Ring Doorbell keeps ringing by itself.

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