Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue [It’s not an issue!]

If you have installed a Ring Doorbell at your home, you must have noticed a white circular ring that flashes different colors. All these colors show different indications, but some people continuously see the Ring Doorbell flashing blue and not connecting. Why is that so? Let’s discuss why and how to resolve the flashing blue light issue.

Why Is My Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

The Ring Doorbell flashing blue indicates it is in setup mode, charging or connecting to the internet. However, if Ring Doorbell blue light flashing continues when it’s charged, check your connection.

There’s no need to panic about the flashing lights on Ring Doorbell. There are three color indicators: blue, red, and white. All these colors show the different functions and features of Ring Doorbell. These lights don’t just flash; they also spin, hal-lit up of the circle and half-lit down of the circle. 

Why do the white, red, and blue lights flash in such patterns, and what do they tell us? The table below tells everything.

Light ColourFlashing Light PatternActivity
BlueLEDs around the button spin blueOrdinary button press
Blue light moving upwards.In the process of connecting to the network during setup.
The device is booting up.A blue circle is flashing, one second on, one second off
Solid blue lightSuccessful setup.

LEDs flash four times or Ring Doorbell flashing blue fast.
Attempting to set up Wi-Fi when the device has no saved Wi-Fi credentials. Times out after 10 minutes.
The top half of the blue flashingThe device is booting up.
WhiteFlashing Light PatternActivity
LEDs around the button spin whiteWhite light flashing on and off.
The bottom half is red flashing.White light flashing on and off.

Flashing white light at the top of the circle
Setup failed – password error
Flashing white light at the right of the circleA flashing white light at the right of the circle
Flashing white light at the left of the circleA flashing white light at the left of the circle
RedFlashing Light PatternActivity
The bottom half is red flashingThe bottom half is red flashing.
Ring Doorbell blue light flashing

2 Reasons To Why Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

As I said, you don’t need to worry about Ring Doorbell flashing blue during charging. It’s not the problem, actually, but it is the reason.

Initializing or Booting Mode

When you set up your device for the first time, the Ring Doorbell flashing blue light during setup indicates that your Ring Doorbell is ready to establish a connection with your Wi-Fi network and complete the initial configuration process. In this stage, the blue light flashes upward.

Wi-Fi Connection Issue

Ring cameras don’t work without WiFi. So, If your Wi-Fi connection weakens, your device will flash a blue light. Similarly, a wrong Wi-Fi password or network name can cause connection problems. It’s essential to ensure that you’ve entered the correct information during the setup process. However, if your Ring Doorbell is stuck in a boot loop, you will have to reset the Ring device.

How To Trouble The Issue

Troubleshooting your Ring Doorbell when you notice issues, such as the Ring blue light flashing, can help you quickly resolve common concerns like setup mode glitches, connectivity problems, or firmware update needs. Here’s a guide to assist you with these issues.

Setup Mode Resolution

The device is in setup mode when you see the Ring Doorbell blue light flashing. Naturally, Ring blue light flashing should stop when the setup is complete. However, if Ring Doorbell flashing blue and not connecting, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Ring App: Open the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Select Your Device: Open device settings by selecting your Ring Doorbell from the list of devices.
  3. Initiate Setup Mode: Follow the in-app instructions to initiate or restart the setup process.
  4. Complete the Setup: Carefully follow the steps provided by the app to complete the setup process.
  5. Check the Light: The Ring Doorbell blue light flashing should stop once setup is complete.

Resolve The Connectivity Issue

If your Ring Doorbell flashing blue and not connecting, perform the following steps.

  1. Check Wi-Fi Network: Ensure your Wi-Fi network is active and correctly working. Try connecting another device to it to verify. All Ring Doorbells require a WiFi connection to operate.
  2. Restart Router: Sometimes, restarting your Wi-Fi router can resolve connectivity issues.
  3. Check Signal Strength: Use the Ring app to check the Ring Doorbell signal strength (RSSI). If it’s weak, consider moving your router closer to the doorbell or using a Ring Doorbell Wi-Fi extender.
  4. Reconnect Wi-Fi: In the Ring app, use the “Change Wi-Fi Network” option to reconnect your doorbell to the network. [Note: Read this if you don’t know how to change WiFi on Ring Doorbell].

Firmware Update

A Ring Doorbell flashing blue while charging can sometimes indicate it’s updating its firmware. To ensure your firmware is up to date.

  1. Check Firmware Status: Check the “Device Health” section in the Ring app to see if your firmware is up-to-date.
  2. Allow Automatic Updates: Keep your Ring Doorbell connected to Wi-Fi and powered on for automatic firmware updates.
  3. Manual Update: If your firmware is outdated and not updating automatically, contact Ring support for assistance with manual updating.

Following these detailed troubleshooting steps, you can address common issues indicated by the Ring blue light flashing, including setup mode, connectivity issues, and firmware updates.

What Should I Do?

Probably nothing. Consult the table above to recognize the pattern. If you see a similar pattern, you don’t have to worry about how your Ring Doorbell flashes. However, consider turning off your Ring Doorbell if the blue is stuck in a loop or solid blue. If the issue persists, you should know how to factory reset the Ring Doorbell.

In case of a factory reset Ring Doorbell, you will have to set up your device all over again. If turning off and restarting Ring Doorbell doesn’t resolve the issue, you should contact Ring customer support before going for a Ring Doorbell hard reset option.

Does the blue flashing Ring Doorbell mean there’s a firmware update?

Yes, another reason for your Ring Doorbell flashing blue could be a pending firmware update. Check the Ring app for any available updates and follow the instructions to ensure your device has the latest firmware.

Is the Ring Doorbell blue light flashing a sign of a connectivity issue?

Yes, in some cases, the blue flashing Ring Doorbell could indicate a connectivity problem. Ensure your Wi-Fi network is stable and the device is within range.

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