5 Quick Fixes For Ring Doorbell Black And White Issue

Are you seeing your Ring Doorbell black and white instead of a colored view? Well, that can happen to the best of us. The Ring camera color problem is a software glitch at Ring’s end and a common issue. People still see their Ring Doorbell stuck in black and white from time to time.

Let’s find some quick fixes to get your Ring Doorbell back to displaying color vision footage. Let’s resolve the Ring Doorbell black and white issue, whether a technical glitch or a simple setting adjustment.

Ring Doorbell Stuck In Black And White

Ring Doorbell sometimes gets stuck in black and white mode. This happens because the Night Vision feature uses infrared lights to create a black and white image in low-light conditions. If your Ring camera remains in black and white during the day, possibly under the low porch, its infrared sensor gets stuck, and you always see a black and white view.

Although the Night Vision automatically turns on and off, when the infrared sensors feel that the light is low, it keeps the night vision even during the day, and your doorbell displays black and white images and videos. Technology should be smart enough to see the daylight and show color footage. 

Your low porch is fine, as it is a software and hardware issue that Ring still needs to resolve. What we can do is try some fixes if your Ring Doorbell is black and white.

Check If Your Camera Supports Night Color Vision

You should check two things first: Does your Ring device support night color vision, and have you turned on the night color vision?

Ring Devices Supporting Night Color Vision

Color Night Vision compatible Ring devicesColor Night Vision compatible Ring devices
Battery Doorbell PlusVideo Doorbell Pro
Video Doorbell EliteStick Up Cam Pro
Stick Up CamStick Up Cam Wired
Floodlight CamFloodlight Cam Wired Pro
Spotlight Cam Wired/MountSpotlight Cam Pro
Spotlight Cam PlusSpotlight Cam Wired/Mount
Indoor Cam (1st and 2nd Gen)

Turn The Night Color Vision On or Off

  1. Open the Ring app and go to the menu.
  2. Tap Devices, and select your Ring device.
  3. Click On Device Settings.
  4. Select Video Settings.
  5. Toggle Color Night Vision on or off.

Ring Doorbell Black and White: Quick Fixes

Once you know your Ring device supports night vision and is compatible, and the Ring camera color problem still shows, you can try the following troubleshooting.

1. Under The Porch Light (Ring Is Funny)

As per Ring, the issue is with your low porch or if the Ring camera is behind on the front porch. This is funny, to say the least, as there’s always enough light under the porch during the day. One cannot possibly remove the porch. 

What you do is make sure it is not in a quiet, dark, or well-lit place, especially areas with too much shade can cause issues. Both scenarios muddle with infrared.

2. Check Your Signal Strength

You can check the signal strength your device gets from the WiFi. As Ring Doorbells constantly require a good WiFi connection, you can check the signal strength in the Ring app. Ring devices function well with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal for the best range.

How To Interpret RSSI Reading

RSSI ReadingSignal Strength Interpretation
-30 to -50 dBmExcellent Signal: Very strong, high-quality signal with minimal interference.
-51 to -60 dBmGood Signal: Strong signal quality, reliable connection.
-61 to -70 dBmFair Signal: Decent signal strength, may experience occasional interference.
-71 to -90 dBmWeak Signal: The signal may have connectivity issues or slow data transfer.
-91 dBm and belowPoor Signal: Very weak signal, prone to disconnections and slow data speeds.
Ring doorbell stuck in black and white

A good signal strength for the Ring Doorbell is 40. It also works efficiently between 41 and 60. If you don’t have the best RSSI readings for Ring Doorbell, you can purchase a Chime Pro, which also acts as a WiFi extender, besides being a digital chime.

  • Extend your wifi signal up to 2000 sq. ft to boost the network
  • Hear real-time notifications
  • Easily set up by plugging into a standard outlet and connecting via wifi.
  • Choose from a variety of chime tones
  • Built-in nightlight

3. Reboot your Ring Doorbell or Camera

If your Ring camera is stuck in black and white, try to reboot your Ring Doorbell or camera. Here’s how to reboot the Ring camera.

  1. Open the Ring app and select the menu.
  2. Tap Devices, and select the Ring Doorbell or Camera to reboot.
  3. Tap on the Device Health.
  4. Scroll down to the option Reboot This Device.

Ring device will take a few moments to reboot. You will see a solid blue light flashing on the Ring doorbell, which indicates that your device is booting up.

4. Reboot WiFi Router

If your WiFi isn’t performing well, instead of rebooting the Ring Doorbell, you can reboot the WiFi router. Rebooting a Wi-Fi router is a simple process that can help resolve connectivity issues. First, find your router and unplug the power cable from the back of the router to turn it off. Wait for about 10-15 seconds before plugging the power cable back in.

Give the router a few minutes to restart, and you’ll see its lights return as it establishes a connection. This simple reboot can sometimes fix common Wi-Fi problems, which indirectly may also solve your Ring camera color problem.

5. Reset or Reinsert The Battery

Remove and reinsert the battery if you encounter issues with the Video Doorbell 2. Instead of removing the battery for the Doorbell Pro, remove the power source and reconnect it. This quick action often resolves the Ring doorbell stuck in the black and white problem.

If you have a classic Doorbell model and you are wondering why is my Ring doorbell only showing black and white, perform a reset. To do this, press and hold the setup button for approximately 20 seconds. A reset sets your device to default factory settings, which is helpful if your Ring camera shows black and white video footage.

Try This Simple Trick!

To fix the Ring camera black and white issue, try this simple trick: shine a flashlight directly into the camera’s lens for a few seconds during the day. Then, check if the camera returns to normal color.

If it doesn’t return to color, consider checking for obstructions or adjusting its positioning for better results.


The Ring Doorbell black and white issue is a common concern, often linked to the Night Vision feature. While Ring acknowledges the problem, a permanent fix is pending. Despite this, you can try the quick fixes if your Ring camera is stuck in black and white.

You can shine a flashlight into the camera’s lens during the day as a trick. If none of these solutions work, consider checking for obstructions or adjusting the camera’s positioning. If nothing works, you can contact Ring customer support, which will suggest the same methods to resolve the Ring camera color problem.

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