Why is Paramount Plus Not Working on Samsung TV?

Imagine you’re all set to watch a movie with dimmed lights, but when you try to launch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV, you get a black or blue screen. Perhaps your screen freezes or displays an error saying, “Something Went Wrong.” 

Or you’ve got the app working, but it crashes and returns to the home screen. Unfortunately, these are common issues many users face when watching content via Paramount Plus Samsung TV saga. 

Situations like these make you wonder: Why is Paramount Plus not working on Samsung TV? Let’s discuss why Paramount Plus Samsung TV is not working and how to fix it.

Why is Paramount Plus Not Working on Samsung TV?

If Paramount Plus not working on Samsung TV, it is due to outdated firmware, connectivity issues, server problems with Paramount Plus, or glitches within the app.

Paramount supports streaming on all smart devices. However, sometimes, you may face trouble launching Paramount Plus, including Samsung TV. Here’s a breakdown of the reasons and their fixes.


One reason for Paramount Plus Samsung TV errors is when you launch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV without knowing that they are incompatible. Although Paramount supports streaming on Samsung TVs, it is only supported on the Tizen Operating System devices manufactured from 2017 to the present. 

You can find a silver sticker on the back of your Samsung TV with information like serial number, model number, etc. You can use these details to determine the compatibility of your television with Paramount Plus.

Weak Internet Connection

A slow internet connection is also behind the Paramount Plus Samsung TV not working error. That’s why you see the loading circle, black screen, errors, or crashes. Paramount Plus demands a high-speed 2Mbps connection for live streaming. 

This bandwidth increases to 25Mbps to watch ultra-high definition (UHD) or 4K resolution videos. So, ensure you have a stable connection to run Paramount Plus on your Samsung TV. Just like security cameras, Smart TVs also don’t work without WiFi. Here’s what you can do.

  • Reboot your router. Wait approximately 10-30 seconds before restarting it. 
  • Move the router to a central location to minimize obstructions and prevent signal interference. 
  • Reduce the number of connected devices. 
  • Check the speed of your internet connection. 
  • If the issue persists, consider buying a WiFi extender.

Restart Your Device 

The Paramount+ app may crash for several reasons. You can quickly fix this Paramount Plus Samsung TV not working error by rebooting your TV. Simply press and hold the Power button on the Samsung TV for 5-8 seconds to restart it. Once done, relaunch Paramount Plus.

Alternatively, you can power start your device using these steps.

  • Unplug the power cord from the back of your television. 
  • Locate the power button on the backside of the TV, in the bottom left corner. Press and hold it for 15 to 30 seconds. 
  • Plug the power cord back into the TV and turn it on.

Pending Update

Samsung smart TVs are well-equipped to automatically check and ensure that you’re always using the most recent version of their software and apps. However, if you’re having trouble running Paramount+, manually check for any pending updates. 

Here are the steps to check Samsung TV updates.

  • Press the Menu button on your remote control. 
  • Scroll down to System and select it. 
  • Click “Check for Updates.”

Disable Ad Blockers

As the name suggests, ad blockers typically block ads on web pages and streaming apps. Some routers have in-built ad blockers that must be disabled to overcome streaming issues. Additionally, if you have any third-party ad blockers installed on your Samsung TV, disable them to fix the Paramount Plus Samsung TV not working error.


Note that it is essential to have a subscription to Paramount Plus to run it successfully on your Samsung TV. So, if you’re not subscribed, head to their official site and choose a plan suited to your needs and budget.

Plan TypeAd SupportShowtimeMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Paramount Plus Samsung TV

Additional Tips

Here are some additional steps to successfully stream Paramount Plus on Samsung TV.

  • Clear the Paramount Plus app cache. 
  • Update your television’s date and time. 
  • Reinstall the Paramount Plus app. 
  • Reset Samsung Smart Hub. 
  • Check if Paramount Plus services are available in your geographical location. 


Paramount Plus is widely popular due to its extensive and diverse media library. It supports multiple devices, including smart TVs, to stream your favorite shows, movies, and live channels. If you own a Samsung TV, you’re lucky, as Paramount Plus supports it. 

The world of smart devices and video streaming is similar to music streaming. It is full of riddles where you have to find a solution. If you are a Spotify enthusiast, you must have faced Amazon Echo not showing on Spotify issue. Nonetheless, connecting to Spotify is easy, like getting local channels on Smart TV.

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