How To Change WiFi On Ring Doorbell

Sometimes you feel like changing WiFi for a Ring Doorbell just because your current WiFi is not performing well or you are moving to a new place. The main reason people change WiFi networks is because of the poor performance of the current WiFi network. However, for the device to function effectively, a stable Wi-Fi connection is essential. 

Do you need Wi-Fi for Ring Doorbell? Absolutely. The Ring Doorbell requires WiFi connection for video recording and sending real-time notifications and alerts. 

When you update your home network, changing the Wi-Fi on your Ring Doorbell becomes necessary. If you don’t know how to change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell, let’s find out how changing Ring WiFi works.

Stable Wi-Fi Connection for Ring Doorbell

Do you need Wi-Fi for Ring Doorbell? Yes, A stable Wi-Fi connection is required to receive real-time alerts, live video streaming, and two-way communication. A best RSSI range is between 30 to 50. Any value above 70 is considered bad for the Ring Doorbell to operate. 

Therefore, RSSI value between 30-50 is considered excellent and 50-70 is a good RSSI for Ring Doorbell. Without a reliable Wi-Fi connection, the Ring Doorbell may face black and white footage, delay notifications, recording issues that may prompt you to reset your Ring camera.

Common Issues When Changing Wi-Fi Network

Changing the Wi-Fi on your Ring Doorbell is not always a straightforward task. Users often encounter various challenges, such as how to change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell without encountering issues like signal interference, reconfiguration problems, and potential data loss during the transition. Understanding these common issues is the first step towards a smooth and successful Wi-Fi change process.

Signal Interference and Connectivity Issues

When considering how to change Wi-Fi on Ring, one must be mindful of potential signal interference and connectivity issues. These challenges can cause the Ring cam to not connect to Wi-Fi, disrupting its operation and leaving your home less secure.

Reconfiguration Problems for a New Network

Changing the network requires reconfiguration, and during this process, users might face difficulties. Understanding how to change Ring Wi-Fi settings properly is crucial to overcoming these challenges and ensuring that the device functions correctly after the network change.

Potential Data Loss During Transition

During the Wi-Fi change process, there is a risk of data loss. Ensuring that you know how to change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell correctly to prevent data loss. You can download videos and Ring also allows you to share videos before changing Ring WiFi.

How To Change WiFi On Ring Doorbell

You can update or change the WiFi network using the Ring App. Follow the steps below to change Ring Doorbell WiFi without removing your device from the mount.

Open the Ring App.

Tap the three lines icon in the upper left corner and choose “Devices.”

Select your Ring Doorbell model and go to “Device Health.”

Click on “Change Wi-Fi Network.”

Head to the location of your Doorbell and follow the on-screen instructions to put your device in setup mode.

Select your desired Wi-Fi connection and enter the network password.

Tap “Continue” to complete the process.

Chnaging Ring wifi

Troubleshooting Tips for Connectivity Issues

If you find that your Ring cam won’t connect to WiFi, don’t panic. Check the Wi-Fi signal strength at the location of your Ring Doorbell. If the signal is weak, consider using a best Wi-Fi extender for the Ring Doorbell or relocating your router to improve connectivity.

Another common issue is incorrect network details. Ensure that the network name and password entered in the Ring app are correct. If you’re still facing issues, restarting your Ring Doorbell and router might help resolve any temporary connectivity problems.

Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Maintaining a stable connection is crucial. Changing Ring WiFi settings, such as the channel, can help optimize the signal. Ensure that your Ring Doorbell is within a reasonable range of your router, and avoid physical obstructions that could weaken the signal.

Consider investing in a Wi-Fi extender if your Ring Doorbell is located far from the router. This will help in strengthening the signal, ensuring that your device remains connected and functions optimally.

Privacy Settings Recommendations

Security is paramount. When considering how to change wifi on Ring, also consider updating your network’s security settings. Use strong passwords and enable WPA2 encryption to safeguard your network.

Regularly updating your router’s firmware and changing the network password are also good practices. This not only ensures a secure network but also aids in maintaining a stable connection for your Ring Doorbell.


If your current WiFi is not performing well or you are moving to a new place and don’t want to take the outdated WiFi router with you, you can change WiFi network. Many people face issues where Ring Cam won’t connect to WiFi, so you can try troubleshooting and suggested tips above. If the issue isn’t resolved, you can leave a comment.

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