Echo Pop vs Echo Dot: Which One To Buy


The good thing about Amazon is that they keep on launching new products in the same category. It’s good from a customer perspective as products have gotten more versatile and cheaper. However, when too many gadgets are available with almost the same features, it’s hard to decide. Let’s make it more accessible as we do an Echo Pop vs Echo Dot comparison. 

At the same time, both products cannot be the same as there is a price difference. When there’s a price difference, always expect some tweaks in premium features. What are the similarities, and differences besides the price tag? We will discuss everything in Echo Pop vs Dot comparison.

Echo Dot

Before Amazon launched the Echo Pop, there was the Echo Dot, one of the best smart home speakers as last year Amazon launched its 5th generation. Amazon has been quite successful over the years in putting its voice assistant Alexa everywhere, and smart speakers lead by a mile in that ambition.

The fifth-generation Echo Dot has a similar design to the 4th generation with a round shape and fabric and plastic materials. It features four rubber buttons on top for actions and volume control. The device has a light ring that glows blue when interacting with Alexa.

The Echo Dot uses Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, which has been continuously updated to offer more features and functionality. It can provide information, set alarms, play music and audiobooks, control smart home devices, and make voice calls.

The speaker performance of the fifth-generation Echo Dot is slightly improved compared to the previous model. It lacks bass response and distorts at higher volume levels. However, it performs better with other music genres.

Overall, the fifth-generation Echo Dot is a minor upgrade, offering a slightly larger driver, motion sensors for tap gestures, and mesh networking. It is not meant to be the primary speaker for most rooms, but it is a budget-friendly option.

Echo Pop

The Echo Pop is a semi-circular smart speaker with three physical buttons and a long power cord attached to a power brick. It features Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, allowing you to stream music, set timers, control smart devices, and more. You can also use Echo Pop can as a home intercom and telephone.

In terms of audio quality, the Echo Pop is suitable for listening to podcasts or the radio, and acceptable for music in small rooms when sitting close to it. It performs even better when paired with another Pop for stereo sound. However, it is not the best option for those looking for a speaker with rich sound and strong bass.

Overall, if audio quality and touch controls are important considerations for you, it may be worth spending the extra $10 for the Echo Dot. If you want to save 10 bucks, Echo Pop is a decent option for your basic listening needs.

Echo pop vs Echo dot

Echo Pop Vs Echo Dot: Similarities

It is always better to have similarities between the two products, despite the price difference of $10. Let’s see the similarities in Echo Dot vs Echo Pop comparison.

If you don’t own any of the smart speakers, then the Echo Pop vs Echo Dot comparison may be interesting to you but the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If sound quality is a top priority and you value a 360-degree audio experience, the Echo Dot with its spherical design may be the better option. Its room-filling sound and availability of a clock display make it a versatile choice.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget and primarily looking for a smart speaker that can serve as an Alexa hub for your smart home, the Echo Pop offers a compelling option. While it has a front-facing speaker design and lacks a display, it still provides good sound quality for background music or small gatherings, and it’s available at a lower price point.

Ultimately, if you already own the latest Echo Dot or prioritize superior audio performance, there may be little reason to switch to the Echo Pop. However, for those starting fresh without a smart speaker and seeking an affordable option with basic smart features, the Echo Pop can serve as an excellent budget-friendly choice.

Echo Pop Vs Echo Dot: Differences

The Echo Pop vs Echo Dot comparison offers some differences too. After all, it’s quite natural considering the price factor and Echo Dot being the elder sibling. A price difference shows when Echo Pop’s sound quality becomes slightly muddy at high volumes. However, it works well for background music and casual gatherings.

Whereas Echo Dot with its 360-degree design is pretty good at distributing sound across the room, making it a better choice for immersive audio. The Echo Dot also maintains an edge in sound quality over the Echo Pop, due to its orb-like design, and front-facing audio projection provides a more immersive audio experience. Regardless of the model chosen, both provide access to Alexa, timers, and built-in Eero for enhanced Wi-Fi coverage.

Which One To Choose

If sound quality and immersive audio experience are your top priorities, the Echo Dot is the better choice. Its spherical design and improved sound performance, along with its Alexa integration, make it a versatile option for various settings.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable smart speaker that covers the basics and serves as a hub for your smart home devices, the Echo Pop is a decent option. While its audio quality is more modest, it provides good value for its price and is suitable for background music and smaller gatherings.

If you enjoyed reading Echo Pop vs Echo Dot comparison, you can read our comparison of Ring Chime vs Chime Pro. Stay tuned for more as we unravel more smart home gadget comparisons. Also, there is more to come about how to troubleshoot your smart home gadgets. Let’s stay connected to explore!

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