Does Blink work with Google Home?

Smart home devices are smart only if they are created by the same manufacturer. The situation is altogether different if two smart home gadgets are manufactured by the rival companies. Blink and Google Home is such a story, as Blink is owned by Amazon and no gift for guessing who owns Google Home.

If you happen to be owning both devices and wondering: Is Blink compatible with Google Home? Blink devices are not natively compatible with Google Home, as they are products of Amazon and are designed to work seamlessly with Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo Show, Echo Dot, etc. However, it’s possible to integrate Blink devices with Google Home using third-party solutions.

No, Blink is not natively compatible with Google Home. However, you can integrate it with Google Home using third-party services like IFTTT or the SmartThings app, enabling communication between the two systems.

If you’re wondering, Does Blink work with Google Home, the answer is a bit complicated. The Blink camera Google Home integration is less straightforward than that of other smart home devices. While you can’t currently get the full array of Blink’s security features through Google Home, there are some workarounds you can consider to make these systems play nice together.

When asking, is Blink compatible with Google Home, it’s essential to note that Blink mostly supports Amazon Alexa for voice commands. However, through IFTTT (If This Then That), you can set up some basic functionalities to control your Blink system using Google Home. This doesn’t offer Alexa’s comprehensive control, but it’s a useful stopgap for those already embedded in the Google Home ecosystem.

How To Integrate Using IFTTT

IFTTT, which stands for “If This Then That,” is a web-based service that allows you to create simple conditional statements, known as applets, to automate various tasks and actions between different web services and devices. With IFTTT, you can make Blink work with Google Home and automate tasks without any complex programming knowledge.

The solution to Blink Google Home saga is only possible using a third-party solution, and IFTTT provides that. Follow the steps below to make Blink work with Google Home.

  1. Download the IFTTT app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open IFTTT and create an account, if you don’t have one already.
  3. Tap “Explore” on the homepage, and select “Blink.”
  4. Press “Connect.”
  5. Tap “Continue” and sign into your Blink account following the prompts.
  6. Choose “Grant Access.”
  7. Go back to the “Explore” page and type in “Google Assistant.”
  8. Press “Connect” and follow the prompts to sign into your Google account.
  9. Select “Grant Access” to complete the connection.
Blink Google Home

How To Integrate Using SmartThings App

  1. Set up accounts on the SmartThings app, IFTTT, and ensure Blink cameras are configured in the Blink app.
  2. In the SmartThings app, add your smart home hub under “Devices”.
  3. Link Blink to IFTTT by finding Blink under “Explore” and connect it.
  4. Similarly, link SmartThings to IFTTT.
  5. Create an applet on IFTTT, select either Blink or SmartThings for “If This” to set a trigger, then select the corresponding action for “Then That”​.

Cameras that work with Google Home

Google’s Nest cameras integrate flawlessly with Google Home. Eufy, Ring and Wyze can all connect with Google Home. Although you can’t see the camera feed in the Google Home app, you can ask Google Assistant to show it on a Google Nest Hub display.

There are few cameras that work with Google Home app for live feeds. Besides Google, only Arlo provides native support with its Pro 3, Pro 4, and Essentials cameras. They don’t offer the same features as Google Nest cameras but allow live view via the Google Home app and Android’s Home Control, with additional features accessible through the Arlo app.

Benefits of Integration

When you connect Blink to Google Home, you enhance your home security with added convenience. One of the primary benefits is the ability to control your Blink camera Google Home setup using voice commands. This feature allows for quicker and more efficient property monitoring, providing peace of mind with minimal effort.

Another advantage of this integration is compatibility with Google Home routines. The question, Does Blink work with Google Home, becomes more meaningful when you realize that integrating these devices can streamline various tasks. 

Enhanced Security Features

Integrating Blink Google Home can significantly boost your home’s security. By connecting Blink to Google Home, you can take advantage of smarter notifications and real-time alerts, keeping you updated on any suspicious activities around your home. This integration ensures your home’s security system is more responsive and effective.

When pondering does Blink work with Google Home?, remember that the added security features make it a valuable enhancement. You’ll receive instant alerts and can view your Blink camera feeds directly from your Google Home device, providing a comprehensive security overview in one place.

Voice-Activated Camera Control

One of the standout advantages of the Blink camera Google Home integration is the convenience of voice-activated controls. Imagine the ease with which you can, for example, ask Google Assistant to show you your front door or backyard camera feed. This feature eliminates manual checking and adds a layer of hands-free convenience.

When you connect Blink to Google Home, you benefit from more streamlined operations. Addressing the question, does Blink work with Google Home? the voice activation element is compelling. It offers immediate access to camera views with simple commands, making your home monitoring more efficient and user-friendly.

Integration with Google Home Routines

Incorporating Blink into Google Home routines can elevate your home automation experience. When you connect Blink to Google Home, you can include your Blink cameras in various automation scenarios, such as turning them on when you leave the house or off when you arrive home, enhancing overall convenience and security.

Addressing the question does Blink work with Google Home?, integration with Google Home routines adds significant value. This allows for a cohesive smart home ecosystem where your Blink cameras operate seamlessly within your daily routines, providing a unified and effortless smart home experience. It all depends on how you make it work, just like there’s no action button on Echo Show.


We will end the discussion by asking the same question: Does Blink camera work with Google Home? Although Blink Google Home are not a native device, you can make it compatible using third-party apps like IFTTT or SmartThings. It still has limited functionality as you can’t see the camera feed on the Google Home app, but you can ask a smart assistant to show it on Nest Hub. 

As both products are from rival companies, there’s no chance of a bromance as far as Blink camera Google Home is concerned. However, Matter is a protocol that will make it easier for smart devices like smart displays like Echo Show 15, smart speakers like Echo Pop or Echo Dot, etc. to work with each other across platforms and ecosystems. 

Major companies are all willing to provide an all-in-one solution for smart home products, so you probably won’t ever have to ask again: Does Blink cameras work with Google Home? because they will work across all platforms.

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