Do Ring Cameras Work Without Wifi: Find Out

There’s no need to introduce Ring Doorbells and cameras. The way they have made it possible to see what’s happening in real time and send alerts on the Ring App is enough. However, they rely on WiFi to record, detect, and send alerts. But here’s something to consider: Do Ring security cameras work without WiFi? 

We’ll discuss the question as to whether Ring cameras can work on their own. If you’re curious about how these cameras work and whether they can protect your home without WiFi. Let’s find out!

Do Ring Security Cameras Work Without Wifi

No, Ring cameras require a stable WiFi connection to function correctly. They rely on WiFi to transmit live video feeds, send alerts, and store recordings in the cloud. Without WiFi, the core features would be limited or inaccessible.

Ring Camera Features and WiFi Need

Some features and functions require a continuous WiFi function to operate. Some of the features are mentioned below. These features answer the question: Do Ring cameras record without WiFi?

Motion Detection

Ring Doorbells and cameras use Advanced Motion Detection, a feature that helps Ring devices differentiate motion between people, objects, or animals. Once motion is detected, the Ring device sends a notification to the Ring app. Without WiFi, Ring cameras can still detect motion but can’t send an alert, which makes this feature useless.

Ring Cameras Recording

When Ring cameras detect motion, they also start recording. The video recording length could be from 15 seconds up to 120 seconds. All the recorded videos are uploaded to the cloud. As you can tell, the Ring camera will need WiFi to upload a video to the cloud. Many complain about Ring cameras not recording issues but forget the WiFi and Ring Protect subscription.

Note: You also need a Ring Protect subscription for the video recording feature.


You can check in on what’s happening outside your door, inside your house, or anywhere else you’ve installed your Ring doorbell or camera(s) through Live View on the Ring app. Live View lets you monitor activity in real-time.

Opening the Ring app and selecting an image captured by one of your Ring devices will allow you to see Live View. To see a Live View, you will need WiFi on your smartphone and Ring device to send a LiveView.

Alerts on the Ring App

Ring device sends motion alerts, LiveView alerts, and recording alerts to the Ring app. You can further customize these alerts based on your priorities. However, if the Ring device is not connected to the WiFi, it won’t be able to send any alerts. Similarly, if the Ring App is not connected to the Ring device and WiFi, it won’t receive any alerts. All in all, Ring camera no WiFi cannot exist without each other.

Two-Way Talk

The two-way Talk feature enables direct conversations with whoever is at the front door via the Ring Video Doorbell. This function helps converse with delivery employees, neighbors, or even potential invaders without physically opening your door. It also allows you to monitor who is at your door without physically opening it. You cannot communicate with a stranger or friend at the door without WiFi.

When WiFi Is Not Available

If there’s no WiFi, Ring Doorbell, or Camera cannot detect any motion and record any video. In that case, if you have a Ring Chime or Chime Pro installed, you won’t be able to hear any sound either. 

Sometimes, WiFi is disconnected, and it’s not your intention altogether. You can reconnect your Ring Doorbell or Camera to WiFi again. You might be tempted to ask whether turning off WiFi disables the Ring camera. Turning off the WiFi doesn’t turn off the Ring Doorbell. The Ring Doorbell still works but cannot send any notifications.

How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell or Camera to WiFi

  1. Launch the Ring app.
  2. Select the menu.
  3. Tap Devices and choose the Ring Doorbell or camera to reconnect to WiFi.
  4. Tap the Device Health tile to open it.
  5. Tap Change Network under Network and then follow the app’s prompts.
  6. Allow some time for your device to rejoin the network.

Reasons: Ring Camera Disconnecting From WiFi

We have established that Ring Doorbells and Cameras don’t work without WiFi. Therefore, we should look for the reasons to overcome the Ring Camera disconnecting from the WiFi issue. After all, once you identify the grounds, you can address the issue.

WiFi Network Changes

Changing your WiFi network name or password can lead to your Ring device losing its connection. Ensuring that your Ring device is updated with the correct credentials is vital for maintaining uninterrupted communication with your WiFi network.

Network Frequency Change

Shifting from a 2.4 GHz to a 5 GHz network might leave your Ring device incompatible, causing disconnections. If compatibility issues arise, you can restore functionality by reverting to a 2.4 GHz network, which all Ring doorbells and security cameras support.

Physical Obstructions

Physical obstacles such as metal appliances, walls, furniture, or dense building materials can obstruct WiFi signals. If your Ring device is far from the WiFi router or encounters such barriers, it might experience weakened signal strength, leading to intermittent connections.

Power Issues

Power-related problems can impact your network stability. Suppose a blown fuse, power outage, or backup power loss affects your Ring device or router. In that case, the interrupted power flow can disrupt the WiFi connection, necessitating thorough checks and timely solutions.

Beware of WiFi Jammers

There may be a sinister reason if you are not facing any of the above trouble, causing Ring Camera to disconnect from WiFi. Some intruders might have a WiFi jammer, as 5Ghz WiFi jammers can reach 40m to block the WiFi signals.

If you want to resolve the Ring Camera disconnecting from the WiFi issue, you can make sure to solve the above-discussed possible reasons. You should not mix powering off Ring Doorbell with Ring doorbells Without WiFi as both serve different purposes.


Ring Cameras make monitoring and responding to events around our homes easier. Yet, they rely on a dependable WiFi connection. WiFi is the backbone of Ring Doorbells, from Motion Detection to real-time alerts. Do Ring security cameras work without WiFi? The answer is yes and no; you know very well by now!

The aim should be to look for the issues causing the trouble in the first place. The solution gets more manageable if you can identify the Ring Camera disconnecting from the WiFi issue. We will discuss more about troubleshooting next, and you will need to reset your Ring camera too.

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