There’s No Action Button On Echo Show. Just Tap!

Action button on smart gadgets is something everyone seems interested in. After all, it is a quicker way to perform the most important action that we feel like is important. It is no surprise that there’s an iPhone 15 action button and it’s the latest model. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise either if users look for an action button on Echo Show. 

The action button on smart gadgets gives us the freedom to perform certain tasks. Let’s say if you had an action button on Echo Show, you could perform Echo Show reset. However, there’s no Echo Show action button. There’s a reason why.

Where Is The Action Button On Echo Show

The Echo Show does not have a physical action button like other Echo devices. Instead, you interact with the device using a touchscreen. Tasks that typically involve an action button, such as resetting or stopping timers, are performed by navigating the screen. 

Whether dismissing timers or accessing device settings, you can use Echo Show’s touch screen which replaces the need for a dedicated action button on Echo Show 8.

Buttons on Amazon Echo Show

There are four or three buttons (depending on the model) on Amazon Echo Shows. In fact, one of them is not a button but acts as a slider/shutter to cover the camera. So, there’s a mic/camera off button for privacy, volume up and down buttons, and a slider/shutter. 

If you want to turn on/off motion, you can do that by voice, on-device, or in the Alexa app. The buttons on the Echo Show perform functions same to those found on other Echo devices like the Echo or Echo Dot.

Where Is The Action Button On Echo Show

So, how to reset/setup Amazon Echo Show

When you buy the Amazon Echo Show , you need to turn it on. To get started, plug the included power adapter into a power outlet, then into your device and it automatically enters setup mode. You can set up your Echo device by following on-screen prompts. Also, you can download the Amazon Alexa app to manage your Amazon Echo Show and customize settings. 

Similarly, if you feel like you need to reset the Amazon Echo Show, you can use the touch screen of your device to go to settings and select device options. After tapping on device options, you can follow on-screen prompts to reset Amazon Echo Show. Does Echo Show have to be plugged in? Yes, to use the Amazon Echo Show, the device needs to be plugged into the power outlet.


If you are looking to reset the device or restart the device by just pressing the Amazon Echo Show action button, it is not going to happen. There’s no action button on Echo Show 5, or 8,10, and now the recently launched Amazon Echo Show 15. 

However, you shouldn’t worry about the action button on Echo Show as you can perform tasks such as setting up the device, resetting the device, dismissing the timers, and many other such tasks using the Echo Show’s touch screen. Alternatively, you can use the Amazon Alexa app to change and customize settings.

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